Unjust Laws Should Be Disobeyed Essays

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Unjust Laws Should be disobeyed In Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”, he writes about why citizens should disobey government’s unjust laws. The American government was established to execute people’s wills, and this should not be forgotten. Citizens who totally rely on government believe that government symbolizes honesty, justice, rights and protection. In this way, citizens will comply with all the laws which the government formulates without thinking whether they are right or not. However, while the time is changing, government have been changing its morality principal. For example, some high level governors might misuse government’s right for individual interest. Also, Henry David Thoreau argues that the American government use the excuse of benefiting people to take advantage people and even deceive them. Furthermore, Thoreau argues that citizens should refuse complying with unjust government laws like the permitting of slavery, the collecting of taxes to support the Mexican war, and the assumption that the majority of the population is in the right. The government permitted the unjust laws of slavery to please the members of the population that made up the wealthy class, however, these laws ignore that all citizens need respect, and a sense of connection among each other to enjoy their nationality. Before the civil war, the American government supported slavery because some richer people and plantation…

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