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Trends in Lending
April 2015


Trends in Lending
April 2015
This quarterly publication presents the Bank of England’s assessment of the latest trends in lending to the UK economy. It draws mainly on long-established official data sources, such as the existing monetary and other financial statistics collected by the
Bank that cover all monetary financial institutions, and data collections established following the onset of the financial crisis.
These data are supplemented by discussions between the major UK lenders and Bank staff, giving staff a better understanding of the business developments driving the figures, and this intelligence is reflected in the report.(1) The major UK lenders(2) are
Banco Santander,
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Since these three quarterly publications complement each other, the Bank intends to integrate the insights from them into one analytical document called the Credit Conditions
Review. The CCS and BLS will continue as surveys, with the

results and a short summary of each survey published on the same day.
The Credit Conditions Review will set out the trends in official and survey data on bank funding conditions and household and corporate credit conditions. The analysis will continue to be supplemented by intelligence from the
Bank’s network of Agents, market contacts and discussions between the major UK lenders and Bank staff.
The new Credit Conditions Review for 2015 Q2 will be published alongside the results of the CCS and BLS for the same period on 13 July 2015.

(1) For a fuller background, please refer to the first edition of Trends in Lending available at
(2) Membership of the group of major UK lenders is based on the provision of credit to UK-resident companies and individuals, regardless of the country of ownership.
(3) The Bank Liabilities Survey and the Credit Conditions Survey for 2015 Q1 were conducted between 13 February and 6 March.

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Lending to UK businesses and individuals


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Loan pricing




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