Essay Transcendentalism : A Spiritual Movement

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In the late 1820’s a spiritual movement known as Transcendentalism began to take the literary world by storm. The main ideas of Transcendentalism were a strong connection to the natural world, idealism, individualism, and intuition. Transcendentalism is the belief in the idea that human ideals can transcend or go beyond the natural world. Many writers try to write based on a simpler life, spirituality, and going beyond the natural world as we see it however, there was no scientific evidence going into their writing leading to the argument that this type of literary work is not correct.
Henry David Thoreau was one of many writers in a group known as the “Transcendental Club”. This club include the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote the iconic essay entitled “Nature”. The simplicity of nature described in Emerson’s essay inspired Thoreau to conduct an experiment of his own. Thoreau moved out to a small cabin on Walden Pond for 2 ½ years to isolate himself off from society and governmental control which allowed him to delve deep into the simplicity and pure beauty of the natural world. During his time in the woods, Thoreau spent his time writing reflections upon his surrounding and compiled these into a literary piece entitled “Walden”. “Walden” includes thoughts and observations from Thoreau but many critics still have accusations toward his literary work.

Thoreau and other transcendentalists work was arguably incorrect due to lack of scientific evidence supporting their…

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