Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade vs. Human Trafficking Essay

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Ariel Bosselaar
Professor Gabriele Gottlieb
Hst. 300: Writing History December 15, 2011
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade VS. Human Trafficking Although slavery may have legally ended in 1865 with the end of the Civil War, it continues to be a problem worldwide today. “The UN International Labor Organization (ILO) calculates the minimum number of people in forced labor at 12.3 million, while research by Free the Slaves, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the United Sates, puts the number at 27 million.” Even so, there are many similarities between the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and human trafficking today. All through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade slavery happened mostly in colonies in North and South America and the
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The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished only when it started to not be as economically smart. Today human trafficking is very economic profitable which will make it much harder to abolish. Human trafficking has become the “world’s third-largest illegal business, surpassing every other criminal enterprise except the drug and arms trades, according to the United Nations." Human trafficking has become a thirty-two billion dollar industry, where around ten million is resulting from the selling of individuals and the remainder is the profits from their goods or services individuals are forced to do in this cruel industry. Therefore, many of the people involved in human trafficking are very unlikely to give up on their trade merely because it is illegal, thirty-two billion dollars is a lot of money. And just like during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade maybe it will be necessary to make human trafficking less economically profitable in some way for it to be possible to halt. Because slavery was illegal during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade methods used during that time were merely used to abolish slavery legally and not get rid of it all together. Unlike today where slavery is illegal and is therefore much harder to get rid of because it is underground and harder to

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