Propaganda In The Handmaid's Tale

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During the holocaust in 1938-1945, a man named Adolf Hitler rose to power and made the citizens of Germany take their anger out on the Jews when the country was in turmoil during that time. He led a group known as the Nazis, ordering them to capture the Jews, the disabled, and the people who oppose him while they all get sent to the concentration camp where they were treated merely like cattle. The reason how Hitler became so successful with his plans was because he took advantage of his own country by using propaganda in order to gain power and turn the people living there against each other. In the novel, The Handmaid’s Tale portrays the similarity between their totalitarian society called The Republic of Gilead and the Holocaust. In the story there is a resemblance to how the women are treated versus how the Jews were treated. The Commander who wasn’t as gruesome as Hitler, also abuses his superiority to take advantage of the women in Gilead by stripping away their …show more content…
Every time he approaches his wife, he angrily shouts “you sho is one aggravatin ' nigger woman!” (Hurston), as if she did something wrong. He likes to start fights because he wants to belittle her for his own entertainment. Syke has no respect and is an egocentric, but soon later life will bite him back.
When discovering the character’s traits they are two greedy men who both make selfish choices as they live their life. After examining the theme of misogyny in The Handmaid’s Tale and “Sweat” draws the attention of the reader that the Commander shows how inconsiderate a person can be when they aren’t being treated unfairly base on gender. He has purposely helped create a society that was against women’s rights and felt no shame when he took advantage of their vulnerability in Gilead. The Commander has no sympathy towards them, since he made them all subjugated to be seen as a sex object instead of human

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