Toni Morrison 's Beloved - The Killing And Haunting Happening

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Past trauma is not easily forgotten because of its need to be acknowledged and accepted. The novel Beloved by Toni Morrison explores the killing and haunting happening in 124. Sethe, Denver, and Paul D deal with the consequences of eliminating the presence for it only to be replaced by a physical presence of the same person, Beloved, as it seems. Although Beloved only comes into contact with three people, her presence affects the entire town, prompting them to examine how slavery affected them and how they dealt with it. Only as the story progresses can other characters begin to comprehend the reasons that led Sethe to murder her baby. Beloved resurrection is so far fetched that the unimaginable suffering of slaves becomes more believable and real. Toni Morrison uses the character of Beloved to explore the dehumanizing effects of slavery on former slaves despite living in freedom.

As the novel begins, 124 is inhabited by Sethe, Denver, and the spite of "baby venom". Sethe harbors a dark secret about one of her children, a secret that has alienated her and Denver from the rest of the community. Her suffering is only increased by the constant presence in her house. Despite living free, Sethe still succumbs to her past and her choices that led her to commit a cruel act. Stamp Paid is the one who reveals what happened in 124 20 years before, "Inside, two boys bled in the sawdust and dirt at the feet of a nigger woman holding a blood-soaked child to her chest with one hand…

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