Essay on Tokyo Sonata

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In the changing society, Japanese family is facing many challenges. Some of them are fail to adapt the changing environment. Tokyo Sonata portrays some problems in contemporary Japanese dysfunctional families such as communication problems. In this article, we are going to illustrate them one by one.

Portrait of Japanese family
To illustrate the dysfunctional families portrayed in Tokyo Sonata, we have to understand the traditional Japanese and how does it work functionally.

Traditional Japanese family is a patriarchal family. Father is the head of the family and takes the superior power. Others in the family have to unconditionally follow the father in any circumstance. The support of father’s power not only come from
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For the father, he is playing father’s role. In his mindset, his believe that he should establish the esteem in the family. Therefore, he cannot let other family member to see his frustration even they feel difficulty outside. That’s why two fathers in the film didn’t tell their family when they lose their job. Even worse, they wear smart in the morning and come back late in order to pretend that they are working. The why they feel very depress and stressful. Also, in the film, when the father who wear the cleaner uniform suddenly meet the wife in the shopping mall, he immediately run away and said “that not me!” The scene shows that he cannot accept the failure of the father role and that why he run away from his wife. Therefore, we can see that the father suffer lots of stress in his dysfunctional father’s role. This is the problem of many Japanese families.

On the other hand, the mother also feel very depress and stressful by playing his role. In her mindset, she should unconditionally follow her husband’s decision, even she didn’t agree with her husbands. In the film, even she find that her husband lose the job, she still say nothing in the family as she want to link the family. She believes that there is a necessity to maintain the esteem of the father in order to maintain the family. Otherwise, the family will be broken. However, it many situations, she did not agree with his husband. For example, she wants to let her sons to do something they

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