Similarities Between To Kill A Mockingbird And The Scottsboro Boys

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Comparing and Contrasting the Trials of To Kill a Mockingbird and the Scottsboro Boys In the 1930’s there was a lot of flaws in the judicial system. Black lives didn’t count back then. The jurors didn’t really care if there was enough evidence to prove their innocence; they would still be guilty. They would presume that a black man is guilty. The jurors were not willing to deal with a black charged with raping. Therefore, the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird have the same attitudes and problems as those from the Scottsboro trials. The events that surround the Scottsboro case began with a train trip. During this time was the Great Depression, so Victoria and Ruby were hoboing on a freight train to find a job, as well was the Scottsboro boys (Ransdall). Orville Gilley stepped on Haywood Patterson fingers, which caused a big stone (Linder, “The Trials of The Scottsboro Boys”). Victoria Price and Ruby Bates accused the boys that they gang rape them. Some of the defendants said that the gang rape occurred (Linder, “The Trials of The Scottsboro Boys”). Seven of the nine went to jail for over six years without trial. But the state dropped the rape charges against four of the defendants (Linder, “The Trials of The Scottsboro Boys”). The girl’s background were really similar in many ways. They both lived in the Negro section and struggle with poverty. Ruby lived in a bare …show more content…
Harper Lee the author of To Kill a Mockingbird showed those type of ideas with the case of Tom Robinson. The Tom Robinson case from To Kill a Mockingbird was mostly similar to the Scottsboro case because both cases had injustice, and couldn’t really say what they wanted to say. In both of these cases it lets people see that in the 1930s black people lives didn’t matter for much. However, at this time there are still injustices happening but not as often; but blacks are treated much better than in the

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