Essay on Thomas Jefferson Was Not A Hypocrite

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Thomas Jefferson, one of the most popular founding fathers, the main author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third president of the United States of America was revered by his contemporaries and is still to this day a well respected figure in American history. But, this does not mean that the man had no faults. Often in todays world Thomas Jefferson is looked back upon and has been scrutinized by many for his apparent hypocrisy on matters such as slavery and on what he believed limitations of the federal government were to be. Although some of Jefferson’s past can be dark and questionable, he was no hypocrite, but a man who understood that his decisions would have lasting effects on the new country, and that putting his own personal convictions aside were necessary for the greater good of the whole country not just himself. Thomas Jefferson was not a hypocrite, he is an ideal model for what a politician should strive to be, understanding of the differing viewpoints of the nation, a critical thinker, and most importantly selfless. Jefferson’s most recognizable work is his drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Within it he utters one the most iconic phrases ever “We hold these truths self evident that all men are created equal” A righteous claim of the time that still bears truths today. But, how could a man who contested that every man deserves equal rights when he himself was a slave owner? Jefferson knew slavery was immoral. In the rough draft of the…

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