Essay on This Moment By Eavan Boland

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In a world where more and more people are beginning to take for granted all that life has to offer, the significance of the poem “This Moment” by Eavan Boland is highlighted. It is a poem where the narrator is depicting a single night and certain aspects of that night. She created a piece of work with a message that is able to reach each age group and ethnicity. The poem was written in 1994 and the message is still relevant over ten years later. This timeless aspect of the poem is due to the poetry techniques that she wove throughout the work. Eavan Boland uses simple and relatable imagery, word choice, symbolism, and structure in order to express the importance of cherishing life’s small moments in the poem “This Moment.” The poem begins with the use of imagery to create the atmosphere that the rest of the poem feeds off of. She says, “A neighborhood // At dusk” (line 1-2) which automatically creates an image in the readers heads. That image is one that is more relatable to some than others, yet it still sets the scene with a calm feeling. Dusk is the time of night where families are closing in for the night and ending the day, but it also the time of day that so many forget about. It is a time when some of the inhabitants of the outside world begin their day. Boland creates this image by writing, “Things are getting ready // to happen // out of sight” (3-5). She is expressing that even though people begin to go inside for the night, more is about to begin outside. It…

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