Theme Of Veiled Identity, By John Green 's, And Unequivocal, Adventure, Of A Person

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As time perpetually launches forward, anything enclosed within this universe is encased within a shell of mortality and transience. While humans are forced to face continual change, man must witness the morphing of identities and accept that life is dynamic and will eventually come to an end as the universe continues. Within John Green’s, Paper Towns, the theme of veiled identity is enigmatically examined as five teenagers struggle to find themselves as well as the real Margo Roth Spiegelman, a “daring” and unequivocal “adventure” of a person. Delving into the catacombs of individuality, Quentin, or Q, a studious and plain young man, finds that an identity can easily be painted over, but this facade can never truly hide the underlying veracity of the soul and how a person truly values themselves. Since paper towns and paper people can never crisply continue to be creased in a consistent course, the world observes that, while all paper people are crimped and crumpled differently, every single person can also be unfolded to discover that the human soul is an innocent and mortal shadow. But as humans emulate the actions of the changing cosmos, dynamic identities will forever catapult existence into the past and the future while relishing in the beauty of the present. Punctured by the splintered glass of identification, Q is pierced by the anxiety he encounters while he searches for his love, Margo, and himself among the ruins of reflection. While Quentin 's…

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