Theme Of Hypocricy In Richard Wright's Native Son

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One may be taught immoralities but it is one 's decision whether to adapt to that lifestyle. In Native Son by Richard Wright, twenty year old Bigger Thomas is under control by the white society which influences him to not take responsibility. During the 1930s and 40s in Chicago, white society manipulated the black community. This immorality raises Bigger to limit himself from being his own person, and influences him to commit horrific actions but does not have interest of ownership. Therefore, Bigger is impacted by his surrounding but ultimately he has responsibility over his iniquities.
Although, hatred is one of the dominate emotions between blacks and whites, Bigger has to take responsibility of this trait. while Bigger is on his way to
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According to PBS the Red Summers during 1919 there are riots between the north and the south, so by the end of the riot in Chicago, " 23 blacks and 15 whites were dead, 537 injured, and 1,000 black families were left homeless. The Chicago riot war part of a national radical frenzy of clashes...All of the incidents were initiated by whites" ( Richard Wormser). This shows the hate that floats between these two classes, and the treatment that is at hand. In the early 1900s whites were hypocrites over race and would favor their race and will be discriminative towards the blacks. Even so, this shows the lack of responsibility whites have while participating in these heinous acts. that is why Bigger should take a obligation over his faults because the hypocrite whites will provoke him not to take full responsibility over his sins. Particulary, they will provoke him because unfortunately Biggers accepts what the whites think of him and portray him as a monster, and causes him to become that monster that whites portray him as. Furthermore, Bigger as a monster builds anger which results into hate, and finds a reason to retaliate on them which is not right even though they are doing him wrong too. So therefore, Bigger untangle the reruns of hypocricy because it not he will be responsible for his …show more content…
It would be thought that he was trying to rob or rape somebody. He grew angry." ( Wright 45-46). This demonstrates that the society Bigger grows in impacts his thoughts and emotions. To refer back to the quote Bigger automatic thinking of the whites is that they think he is there to rape or rob from someone. To elaborate Bigger is being judge in a stereotypic way that causes him to grow into anger. To continue, Bigger behind this anger is developing hatred and violent images that is caused from stereotypic white people. The reason why Bigger needs to control these negative thoughts is because it can eventually mold him into doing violent actions. So when bigger expresses this strong feelings he should take full ownership of this sin because no one forced him to make these actions, also his has a mind of his own so no one can not make do anything even when a gun is put to his head, it all comes down to what priorities are puts first. Weather it is revenge or his family he still has a responsibility of the actions he decides to make. Finally, Bigger should be fully accountable of his emotions because it can turn into violent

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