The World 's Most Endangered Ecosystems : Coral Reefs Essay

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Coral Reefs One of the world’s most species rich and bio diverse ecosystems are the tropical coral reefs. Emmysarus, a staff writer/ blogger for Scribol stated in their article “The World’s Most Endangered Ecosystems: Coral Reefs, “Unfortunately, areas which are home to the richest biodiversity often suffer from the greatest amount of damage and disruption”. These “rainforests of the sea” are home to thousands of species of fish and invertebrates that live among the hundreds of different and diverse kinds of these living builders. Coral reefs also provide multiple ecosystem services including wave and storm protection, and provide us with food and medicine. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraton (NOAA) estimated the economic value of the services, including jobs, food, and tourism, to be around $375 billion every year. This number may soon be significantly lower though in the coming years with continual climate change and environmental degradation. These coral reefs are extremely sensitive to change and not big fans of adaptation. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) documented, “Roughly one-quarter of coral reefs worldwide are already considered damaged beyond repair, with another two-thirds under serious threat.” There are too many factors that pose threats to coral reefs. Among these are pollution, climate change, invasive species, ocean acidification, destructive fishing practices, overfishing, sedimentation, coral mining, coastal development, and careless…

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