The Word Suicide And The Action Of Killing Oneself Throughout The Book Mrs. Dalloway

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The word suicide and the action of killing oneself throughout the book Mrs. Dalloway brings up many questions and possible interpretations of how the book plays out as a whole. One of the definitions of suicide is “ a course of action that is disastrously damaging to oneself or one 's own interests”. Although it is true that Septimus does do himself damage by killing himself, there may have been other reasons Septimus killed himself besides for solely his own interests. The way in which death is described and interpreted in the book Mrs. Dalloway vastly differs between characters; from death as a way of communication, to holding on to the things that you love, even as well as a symbol of people not being able to brave their own selves. One of the ways in which the novel describes death is as a way of communication, when describing what she believed death to be about Mrs. Dalloway stated, “Death was an attempt to communicate; people feeling the impossibility of reaching the centre which, mystically, evaded them” (184). The part of the quote about death being “an attempt to communicate” is very powerful and seems to give off an overall feeling of hopelessness. This is because the quote does not state that people do communicate, it states that people “attempt” to communicate. The word attempt brings a negative connotation to this sentence, because an attempt is the act of trying to achieve something, yet it is typically unsuccessful or not certain to succeed. Based off of how…

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