The Women 's Liberation Movement Essay

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Living in a world filled with gender stereotypes, looking back at historical events can assist the modern day person in understanding the struggles and success’ experienced by the people who came before them. One of the most significant demonstrations that helped re-define gender roles was the Miss
America Protest in 1968. Here, women from around the country gathered in Atlantic City to express their unrest due to the pageant and the meaning within it. This caused much conversation surrounding the feminist movement and the discriminatory view of women when represented in a beauty contest. Second wave feminism, which was the period of time between the 1960s and 1980s when feminist activity sparked in America, women from across the country joined together to fight bias against females.
“Since the mid-1960s, a formidable conglomeration of organizations, programs and manifestoes known as the Women 's Liberation Movement has erupted in the United States with extraordinary force. Dedicated to the assertion of equal rights in all fields—work, education, law
—the movement has grown at an astonishing rate, and by now hundreds of thousands of women have participated in at least one of its groups or activities (Kapp 72).
When analyzing the events of the 1968 Miss America Protest through the article, “Feminism, Miss
America, and Media Mythology,” Bonnie Dow gives us a rhetorical view regarding the media’s unfavorable portrayal of the event. Dow argues that negative stereotypes take away…

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