The Women of Brewster Place Essay

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Kathleen review of how Mattie takes Lucielia in her arm and begins to rock her as a mother would rock a child that is unable to be comfored in any other manner. I can hear the cadence of my mentor stating get an education it can’t be taken away from you, you will be able to make a future for you and your children and no one will be able to take that away. “Mattie offers the soothing power of words and the water of symbolic baptism, Puhr (103-104), the baptism comes after the commission of an unforgivable sin of the abortion of her unborn child and the taking of the only one in her life that loved her unconditionally. The purging of all the wrong one has done, is demonstrated in the rocking of Mattie’s arms. The sin being represented by the …show more content…
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This movie review from Facets Multimedia on the Women of Brewster Place talks of the struggle of these women from living in this depressed area and being unable to see by what means they will advance themselves into a different place and better conditions for themselves and their children. The author of the review makes a statement on the absence of men in this movie. It is stated that each actress was given a very detailed and well written script to follow. Ms. Winfrey’s performs well in this made for TV movie, she also serves as the executive producer of this project

The Women of Brewster Place
Synopsis: A miniseries about the intertwining stories of seven black women who live in a tenement on a street named Brewster Place. Over the course of several decades, each, in her own way, struggles to overcome crushing poverty and the devastation of dreams and hopes that have gone unfulfilled. Ultimately, the women seek to regain control of their lives, and several triumph over the hardships that life has brought them.
Genre: Drama, Adaptation

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