The War Of War And Conflict Essay

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Conflict has been a constant struggle between countries and people as long as humans have walked the Earth. War has been waged over love, money, fame, or sometimes all three at once. Battles have been fought because of petty reasons and while one side may ‘win’ and live on to tell the story of their victory, the only thing won is death and disaster. There has never been a peaceful time on Earth; two countries are always at war. And for what? To exchange land that has been owned thousands of times over, and will be exchanged again? To boast of the best army? What is the point of this? In September 1, 1939, Auden explores the futility of war and conflict.
The first stanza of September 1, 1939 sets up the situation at hand for readers. Auden never outright states it, but it can be inferred from the clues he leaves and the title that this poem is talking about World War II, specifically the start of the war which was September 1, 1939. He starts the poem by stating where he is: “I sit in one of the dives/On Fifty-second Street” (lines 1-2). Ever since the appeal of prohibition in 1933, Fifty-Second Street was well-known as a jazz center in New York City (Stump 1998). From these two lines, we can infer that Auden is sitting in a bar as Germany is showing its’ military prowess by invading Poland. Auden states that “as the clever hopes expire/ Of a low dishonest decade” (lines 4-5). These two lines give readers the clue that the Lost Generation wanted to go great things after…

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