Essay on The War Of King Louis Xvi

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In the late 1780’s France had undergone quite a bit of change. Me, a middle aged man and middle class citizen, was caught in the raths of all of these power struggles. Being a radical, I was all for a change but, nothing seemed to be a permanent fix. People from all over came to take control but it seems as though we were too far gone to be helped. Many revisions to the government took place and many lives were lost. All of the estates were put to the test and now, bowing at the feet of Napoleon upon the ruins of France, us commoners look back on how far we’ve come since the rule of King Louis xvi.


On the eve of my 30th birthday there was an urgent meeting of the Estates General called. I was hoping it was good news to start my birthday off right, but it turns out it was just the opposite. It was officially announced that France is in a financial crisis because we have no money. At the meeting we have to vote by order meaning we only get one vote per group, the nobility, clergy, and us commoners. Since we need more money tonight’s vote was on taxes, and the people of the third estate, the lowest yet largest group of middle class to peasants, lost the vote and are now getting taxed double than before. Shouts spread across the room as we are tired of giving up our hard earned money while no one else pays. The arguments got louder and I couldn’t tell if we were running out on our own or being forced out of our own meeting. Everyone in…

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