The War And Ending Slavery Essay

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Lincoln achieved his purpose when giving the Second Inaugural Address and surprised his audience with it. He used many rhetorical strategies when giving this address. He discusses the difference between the North and South, and how they also compare (Examples: difference is how the North did not have slaves and the South did. Then compared is how both sides saw God the same way). Lincoln talks about the effects of the Civil War and how God is the answer for ending the war and ending slavery. He argues that God is here to help and that everyone ‘pray(s) to the same God.’ Then he discusses how slaves are people and that it is an issue (and what may have caused the war). The North and South side were very different and both sides were comparable, Lincoln explained that in this address. He said that both the North and South side pray to the ‘same god’ and both sides see him the same way. But both sides “invokes(ed) his aid against it”. God wants everyone to be treated the same way (He wants everyone equal). The South defiantly did not treat the slaves as the same as themselves, as for the North everyone was treated alike (equally). The South did not see anything wrong with owning another person as a slave. Both sides had faults but everyone blames it on the South (just because of them owned slaves). The North and South could not agree with a compromise and this is what caused the war to happen. The South was the one to ‘make’ the war, while the North would ‘accept’ the war.…

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