The Vietnam War 's Musical Culture Essay

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Throughout history, war antagonists transformed their concern, empathy, and anger into emotional poetry, visual art, or music. Although war culture typically fell into the pro-war category, the Vietnam War’s musical culture was different from other wars in that its song fell into the anti-war category because of the negative sentiment towards the war that new technology and the media were perpetuating. Rock and Roll eventually became knows as the “weapon of cultural revolution”, as it influenced changed amongst all American, including African Americans, women, and teenagers. Although anti-war music was not the only source that ended the Vietnam War, the political, anti-Vietnam War music did raise spirits and liberate previously suppressed and unheard voices.
American involvement in the Vietnam War began with support for French colonial rule in the country. Not supporting the revolutionaries and favoring the colonial power was unorthodox, unusual, and hypocritical on behalf of The United States. The U.S. simply favored the lesser of the two evils: colonialism over communism. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy was elected in to the Presidency and continued the U.S. anti-communist policy previously supported by President Truman and Eisenhower. However, Kennedy was faced with three dilemmas: the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Berlin Wall, and a negotiation between Laos and Pathet Lao. The failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba strengthened Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s…

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