The Veldt And Marionettes, Inc. Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to drown yourself in an one-of-a-kind story? From rebellion to futuristic technology, Ray Bradbury is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, and he has written many short stories, some revolving around the favorable and the deceiving within humanity and futuristic, technological conflicts. The stories, “The Veldt" and "Marionettes, Inc.", have very similar situations and plot structure. "Marionettes, Inc." focalizes on the main character, Braling, who despises his crazy wife so buys the new and illegal marionette that looks just like him, so that it can pretend to be Braling while he does whatever he wants. The marionette back fires on him and tries to take control of his life. “The Veldt” is about a family living in a futuristic home and decides to give the children a nursery, in which they can set the room to a different virtual reality. The children set the room to a veldt, which causes the parents to get worried about their safety, due to the virtual vicious lion. Both stories consist of some kind of futuristic technology invention that the characters possess, but later on in the story, the invention backfires on the characters. Centering on the two short stories, written by Rad Bradbury, both show similar plot structure through foreshadow, technological conflict, and characters going against humanity. To kick off, the two stories show comparable plot structure through foreshadow. In “The Veldt”, the Hadley family starts off on a smooth…

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