The Underground Community Has Long Since Caused Issues Dealing With Economics

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The underground community has long since caused issues dealing with economics. Underground economy, meaning illegal drugs or items sold without being taxed. Freakonomics written by Dubner and Levitt, stresses the idea behind how the underground economy and incentives work in that organization. This book directly focuses on males within the drug trade, though in the more recent years, with the rise of women 's equality, there has been a shift in the balance of a male dominance in the drug economy. It has come to light that women have obtained a new and rising role in black market trades, mainly focused on the dealings of cocaine, and with this rise it has also been made evident that women 's incentives may have distinctions from that of their male counterparts. Incentives are the reason behind why many people make the decisions or actions that they do. For example, the incentive for many college students to go to class is so they either won 't fail or learn the knowledge being taught. Incentives are used every day, in more ways than one may even realize. Correlating to the underground economy, many people have the incentive to become involved with this because it provides them a higher value than their next best alternative, the item they are selling may be illegal or banned, or they get a thrill out of doing something in secrecy. Whatever their reason may be, it is their incentive. For people in the business of black market goods they have gone through a cost benefit…

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