Essay on The Triangle Factory Caught Fire Killing 146

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At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, many people were following suit with the idea of mass produced goods. Factories started appearing across the country, which manufactured a great variety of items. Despite the benefit of these mass produced goods, there was an underlying problem. Many factory owners, in an effort to increase production and reduce costs, chose to push their workers to the absolute limits. This created undesirable and often unsafe working conditions. A prime example of this is the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. In 1911, the Triangle Factory caught fire killing 146 workers. Along with its poor working conditions, this company suffered many other fatal flaws that hindered the proper escape of the workers. By observing worker testimonies as well as eyewitness accounts and the reactions to the catastrophe, it is possible to grasp the significance of this event. Sweatshops were common during the industrial revolution and even today, so it was no surprise that the Triangle Waist Company worked its employees very roughly. The way the owners designed the company allowed for many kind of working conditions. The owners of the company may have had no idea of the working conditions of the employees, this is because “the owners subcontracted much work to individuals who hired the hands and pocketed a portion of the profits. Subcontractors could pay the workers whatever rates they wanted, often extremely low.” This system was easily exploitable, and as a result,…

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