The Search For Truth In Sophocles Oedipus The King

Oedipus The King, is a tragedy written by ancient Greek author Sophocles. The tragedy presents Oedipus a tragic hero who has to come to several harsh realizations about his life and his fate. Throughout the tragedy, Oedipus never stops searching for the truth to save the citizens of Thebes. Although Oedipus shows compassion for his people, his blinding anger and hubris leads to his downfall as king.
In the story, Apollo the Greek god of truth and prophecy predestines Oedipus’s fate stating that one day Oedipus will murder his father and marry his mother. In trying to escape fate and prophecy, Oedipus leaves his home of Corinth to search for a new destiny. On Oedipus’s journey he runs into a troop of men, where road rage and misunderstanding led to a disastrous end. Although the encounter Oedipus has at the crossroads is brief it\ 's where the reader can first see his bursts of uncontrollable anger.
During Oedipus’s search for the truth, Oedipus has several rash outbursts of anger that blind him from discovering the truth. After Tiresias claims Oedipus is the murderer of Laius, Oedipus furiously blurts out, “ If I thought you would blurt of such absurdities, you’d have died waiting before I had you summoned” (491). After receiving the truth Oedipus wastes no time lashing out at Tiresias and hurling
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Oedipus is a tragic hero that unfortunately realizes too late that he met his fate while trying to escape it. In Anne Burnett’s essay she quotes Charles Alford stating, “Oedipus tries to harness his anger and desire to his reason..."(4). Alford’s statement is possible to associate with some of Oedipus 's actions it does not connect with his anger. In the play Oedipus never attempts to rationally think over his actions until Jocasta intervenes. Oedipus’s anger and hubris hinder him from the ability to reason as Alford

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