Essay on The Tragedy Of All My Sons By Arthur Miller

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All My Sons by Arthur Miller has been argued by many to be a modern tragedy while others claim that his play, All My Sons, cannot be considered a tragedy. However, to truly debate if Miller was able to created a modern tragedy, one must first know what a tragedy is. “Tragedy”, as first coined by Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, is defined as a play that portrays the fall of a good character because of a catastrophic mistake by the protagonist. A true tragedy must also evoke pity and fear in the audience which is called catharsis. A tragedy incorporates a tragic hero which must be the protagonist who is neither entirely good nor pure evil and this tragic hero or protagonist must be consistent and realistic as to relate to the audience. The key components that make up the tragedy as defined by Aristotle are as follow; the tragic hero must be of noble status, must have a tragic flaw (hamartia), must go through a reversal of fortune (peripeteia), must go through the phase of enlightenment (anagorisis) in which the tragic hero realizes what he has done, and eventually receive punishment, usually death. Arthur Miller’s attempt at a modern tragedy through his play, All My Sons, is highly successful as Miller was able to incorporate all the elements of a tragedy as defined by Aristotle in his play, and effectively creates a tragic hero of sorts in the form of the play’s protagonist, Joe Keller. All My Sons is about a typical American family which seems to have the achieved…

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