Essay on The Tower Of Babel Is Not A Historical Accident

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With every language that dies we lose the appreciation for history and diversity which vital to individual and society; the understanding of human’s identity, the expression of communities’ humor, love and life; and most importantly, an enormous cultural heritage that men are responsible for.

Saving a language from dying out is saving the knowledge of history and language appreciation and essential to individuals and society. Through understanding the values and benefits of language, people is able to grow and embrace the linguistic formation. The Tower of Babel. At the beginning, the whole world had one language and a common speech. But since the Tower of Babel, languages are scattered over the face of the whole earth. Today, there are approximate 7,000 languages in the world and over 40 percent of them are at risk of disappearing due to ingratitude. The Tower of Babel is not a historical accident. For heterogeneity in languages holds a positive value: it reflects and enhances cultural diversity, which, in turn, enriches the world with knowledge of its own formation. 7,000 languages is the testimony of centuries of humanity. To even kill one of them is to kill a part of important historical. There are many languages that were formed by linguistic pluralism and that is how languages are continuing to improve. Vietnam is an over 1000-year-old country and its official language is a mix between Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, French, and English with the use of Latin…

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