The Time Traveler Essay

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Raymond Rangel
Mr. Derek Williams
July 25 2013 The Time Traveler

My future self has traveled back in time to the present, with the mission to give me advice on five things that will help me lead a long meaningful life. Through evaluating myself through the eyes of my future self, I can become a better person by removing the negative aspects in my life.

Foremost, communication with my family is paramount if want to continue living a happy and prosperous life. I must learn an appreciation for the things I have, before they are gone or it is too late to enjoy them. When it comes to the consuming of food and drink, my addictive
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When it comes to eating and drinking soda pop, my addictive personality will be the end of me. I have always said I’d rather die happy, than live sad. Bad habits are always hard to break, especially if it taste so good going down. The doctors have told me to stop over eating and stop drinking so many diet sodas, “if you don't you’re going to die of a heart attack”. I have always dismissed them as quacks. From now on I should listen to my future self, who knows better than me. The most important issue that has been brought to my attention by my future self is the friendship and communication with my adult children. It is really hard to jump into the role as a father, when my experience of what a true father should be is full of fragments. I was under the impression that a step- father should never try to become friends with their children, because it will bring the father down to a level of equableness and open the door for disrespect. As a child we loved and hated our father but never disrespected him in any shape, form or fashion. I wonder if it’s too late for me and my children. In essence, self-awareness is the key to true happiness (“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu). In acknowledgements of my faults: lack of communication, lack of contentment with life in general, disregard for my health and the need to improve the

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