The Theory Of Human Mental Health Essay

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Psychology studies human behavior and mind; it tries to explain why people and certain groups are behaving in a desired manner. Several psychologists have made such contribution to this study and are thus far appreciated by their critical contributions beneficial to the modern study of psychology in explaining concepts and nature of human mental health. Psychology has several fields that try to understand the human nature and why people behave in a desired manner in the society (Galassi & Akos, 2004).
Erik Erikson has been credited for his contribution to developmental psychology in his theory of psychosocial development whereby he believed on the importance of early childhood. In his theory, he believed that personality development happens in a person’s life. The theory of Erikson came into effect in the 1960s and it described eight distinct stages that are involved in human development. According to the theory, Erikson proposed that human beings are faced with many challenges and the stages depend on how individuals handle those challenges. In the 19th century, another great psychologist and father of evolution, Charles Darwin, proved that developmental psychology was really, and it concerned the changes of behavior because of various changes in human life (Pinquart, Silbereisen & Wiesner, 2004).
Developmental psychology is one of the fields of psychology that studies the changes of human beings in their life that is characterized by various stages in life. Previous…

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