Essay on The Theory Of Geometry And Algebra

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the previously separate fields of geometry and algebra. Descartes showed that he could solve previously unsolvable problems in geometry by converting them into simpler problems in algebra”. This unorthodox approach to solving geometry, influenced future mathematicians to search for other connections between mathematical disciplines, leading to further advancements in the field, and eventually modern mathematics. The publication of La Gèomètrie led to the demise of the enduring mathematics of Ancient Greece, “By unleashing the mathematical power of algebra to tackle problems in geometry, Descartes surpassed the expertise of Ancient Greece’s brilliant geometers: he could now solve problems that had defeated them”. To reiterate, it was the concurrent improvement to numerous scientific fields, that allowed for a transition from the traditional approach to science, to the more modern approach that was first implemented in the Scientific Revolution.
Moreover, the works of other scientists like Galileo Galilie, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton, further increased the magnitude of the revolution that was taking place. Galileo’s discoveries brought humankind to the brink of a new scientific age, Newton took it the rest of the way. The rapid change in astronomy, physics, and chemistry, as well as the establishment of calculus, created arguably one of the largest surges of scientific advancement the world had ever seen. To solidify their research, scientists started to publish more…

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