The Theory Of Evolution Of Humans Essay

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The term evolution comes from the idea that biological species, to include humans, have changed over time and have given growth to other species that can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek philosophers. Societies present day knowledge of evolution began in Europe in the late 1700s, but ideas began to shift in the late 1800s, when scientists were starting to recognize fossils as the remains of creatures that once existed on earth. Beforehand, scientists had been under the assumption that fossils were the remains of deformed individuals of existing species and were simply just “tricks of nature.” (Book, 47). Scientist George Culver felt the apparent reasoning behind fossils was due to the earth undergoing a succession of global disasters, e.g. floods, earthquakes and changes to the earths crust. Inherently, this brought upon mass extinction to all life forms and later new life forms appeared.
In the realm of physical or biological anthropology, the center focus is the study of evolution of humans, their changeability and adaptations to handle environmental strains. Keeping an evolutionary perspective in the forefront, these individuals examine the physical form of human beings, e.g. bones, muscle and organs. Additionally, studying how it functions, allowing further survival and reproduction. Within the same field of physical anthropology, there are several other areas of focus: Paleoanthropology studies the progression of primates and hominoids from fossil or what…

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