The Terrors And Importance Of The Infamous Final Solution Essay

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The Terrors and Importance of the Infamous Final Solution
With the start of World War II in 1939, Adolf Hitler took control over the country of Poland. Within this country, Hitler began to act upon his anti-semitic beliefs, creating labor and death camps across Poland and the surrounding nations. In order to rid Europe of undesirables, such as Jews, the mentally ill, and homosexuals, and achieve the perfect Aryan race, Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, a leading member of the Schutzstaffel, devised the Final Solution in 1941. This plan was designed to systematically exterminate the entire population of European Jews through the use of multiple mass murder tactics. The Jewish people were forced against their will into ghettos, which were often unsanitary and contaminated with sickness. Then, they were transferred to concentration camps, where their fate was decided through a selection process. Some were chosen to work in labor camps with harsh and brutal conditions, whereas others were sent straight to their execution. The Final Solution became known as one of the most infamous events to occur during World War II because of the excruciatingly long selection process, the harsh treatment of prisoners in labor camps, and the various extermination methods used to murder the Jewish population. The first step in executing the Final Solution was to force Jews through a long and terrifying selection process. In order to gather Jews from a city, the SS would relocate them to a…

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