The Term ' Third World ' Essay

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Reagan Trussell
Ps 337
The Term “Third World”
“Third World” countries are completely misunderstood because of the term “third world.” There are many questions surrounding the term “third world” like who gets to make the stereotype and include certain countries, the “first world” is said to be the best in all ways, but is it really the best in every single way, and should all the countries in the stereotype be in the stereotype. The terms “Third World” and “Developing Countries” are doing more harm than good because it groups countries together, gives us a false stereotype, and the terms are no longer accurate.
The term “Third World” came about during the cold war. It was formed to represent the countries that were not in the two major alliances. This term was used to broadly categorize countries into three different groups based on political, cultural, social, and economic differences. “Third world” countries were typically countries that had colonial pasts. These countries are mainly in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.
Countries that are grouped in the terms “third world” and “developing countries” are very different. If a country is poor then they are typically grouped in the category of “third world.” There is no clear-cut definition of what a “third world” country is. Therefore this does not tell us what contributes to deciphering what countries are and are not considered “third world.” These countries have many different problems. They range from…

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