The Television Show ' Rendez Vous En Terre Inconnue Essay

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The television show ‘Rendez-vous en Terre Inconnue’ presents the lives of four different ethnic groups around the world, the Lolos Noirs in Vietnam, the Amharas in northern Ethiopia, the Nyangatom in southern Ethiopia, and the Tsaatans in Mongolia. Anthropologist Frédéric Michalak, along with a french celebrity guest, spend two weeks living these groups, immersing themselves in the lives of the ‘others’ through participant observation, eating the local’s foods and partaking in the local’s work, then compiling these observations into an ethnography in the form of the television episode, containing visual observations, interviews and film evidence of participation. It is worth noting, however, that the participant observation practiced by Frédéric Michalak and his guests do not completely adhere to the strict anthropological methods as pioneered by Bronisław Malinowski. Rather, while Malinowski advocates for completely cutting oneself off from the western culture for a prolonged period of time and learning the language of the people to gain a more in-depth, nuanced understanding of their culture, Mr. Michalak and his guest only spend two weeks with the groups being researched, do not learn the local’s language, relying instead on interpreters and are constantly followed by what is likely a crew of camera people, making it difficult to achieve full cultural immersion or form veritable connections with the local people being observed. Nevertheless, the show ‘Rendez-vous en…

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