Essay about The Tale Of Fairy Tales

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Fairy tales have had one of the most prominent roles in shaping twenty-first century society. This is because these tales have moved away from their oral purpose aimed at teaching a moral to audiences of all ages and towards an audience dedicated more towards children through modern technological, art and production advantages. It is true that fairy tales have been somewhat removed from their original purpose, hence the reason for much of the critique about the relevance of tales in the twenty-first century. I disagree with the critics, as what many do not realize, however, is that it is necessary for the fairy tale to be constantly under reconstruction in order to meet the needs of each era. It is known that fairy tale origins are from the oral tradition and have been passed along, interpreted, written, and changed in order to satisfy the needs of its audiences for thousands of years. As a consequence of the constant re-broadcasting and cultural influences from countries and cultures all around the world these fairy tales now maintain a new place in our modern world. As this paper aims to prove, fairy tales are still a relevant part of our culture, and modern western society has achieved this relevancy through adapting these tales to serve as a form of entertainment rather than their instructional, moral role, which they once played as part of the oral tradition. In order to highlight the transformations which fairy tales have gone through in order to reach their modern…

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