The Supreme Law Of The Land Essays

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Just as the famous politician Jesse Ventura says,” I love my country,not my government.” America is the land of endless opportunity and freedom.Despite America having equal opportunities and freedom, there are laws. Like, the United States Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. The Constitution contains the foundation of how the government is organized in the several different articles, and the basis of how the federal government communicates with the people and the states. The Constitution is a great piece because it has a volume of recognition for certain human right’s and freedoms. It is perceived that our human rights and freedoms are neglected,despite being mentioned in the United States Constitution. In society, there are variety of political and social issues that imply the Constitution is violated. Essentially, the legalization of marijuana.It is a disagreement in society because if you want to use, sell, or grow marijuana in the United States under federal law is illegal. But individual states, have started to allow marijuana by fixed laws. States have begun marijuana decriminalization which reduce criminal penalties. But, some states are more liberal than the others,regarding this issue. Relevancy of the Constitution to marijuana is an issue because of how its stated by law makers. Marijuana is legalized to a certain extent, but still prohibited somewhat. Marijuana laws are regulated in state. Prohibition of marijuana is not a fair law…

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