The Struggle For And Against Power Essay

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Probably, there is no place free of gender differences and power. The struggle for and against power is seen in music performances across complex social contexts. One reads of “neither male nor female” in Christian literatures and the bible where reference is made to the spiritual realm. Human civilization and socialization has evolved alongside music and its influence. Music is used as an instrument of expression of human thoughts, emotions, enlightenment, injustice, and entertainment. The culture of a group of people is socially and psychologically intertwined with their musical rhythms and appreciations. Over the centuries different musical genres have shaped political and socio-cultural aspects of many nations. This paper looks at women and music in a cross-cultural perspective. Music is influential because it has been used effectively to cause changes in social environment. And some people have used music to look at issues of spirituality, self-esteem, human rights, and romance. Women have used music for different purposes but they have not expressed themselves in the same measure as men. Nesttl (1983) (cited in Koskoff, n.d) state that “if an unbalanced picture of world music has been presented, scholars of both sexes bear the responsibility.”(337). Patriarchy and the music industry are not the primary factors that have hindered women but women’s refusal to follow their musical passion and talent against a perceived male dominance.
Scholarly work is largely influenced…

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