The Stranger By Albert Camus Essay

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The Stranger is a novel written by Albert Camus. The title of this novel gives a representation of the main character Meursault. Meursault has a different way of looking at the world compared to everyone else in his society. Most people in his shoes would feel remorse, pain, or worry of their future, but he does not. Meursault looks at life meaningless and this causes him to be against the norm throughout the novel. The title of the book is important because it is how the main character is portrayed in the story. The main character is a stranger in this world because he has a perspective that differs from most in his society. The title of the novel connects with the character throughout the entire story because Meursault is and feels like a stranger in a world that he believes has no meaning or purpose. In the beginning of the novel the main characters mother dies at an “old peoples home” as Meursault said. He traveled to the home to attend his mother’s funeral. Soon after he arrived he was shown to his mother’s caskets and the caretaker said, “We put the cover on, but I’m supposed to unscrew the casket so you can see her.” He was moving toward the casket when I stopped him. He said, “You don’t want to?” I answered, “No”. He was quiet, and I was embarrassed because I felt I shouldn’t have said that” (Camus 6). At this moment the main character was a stranger to the world. Most people would want to see the body one last time to say their goodbyes to their loved ones.…

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