The Song Of Hiawatha Analysis

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Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Story: A Psalm of Life & Song of Hiawatha
Members: Adriana Alvizo, Selena Contreras, Serena Hempstead.

1. Writer's Background: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine in 1807 February 27. He is an American professor and wrote poets. Henry’s first poet was called “The Battle of Lovell’s Pond” in November 17, 1820. When longfellow was just 15 years old he was then enrolled at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Later in his senior year he wrote to his father about his goals in literacy , then he started to pursue his goals by submitting his poetry to various newspapers and magazines. Most of his poets were under the category of lyric poetry and people recognized his poets for its musicality.
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In this poem the author talks about both of the characters because he is describing how both of them came to visit him at his house one day. Both of them met each other for the first time in the Boston Common. Longfellow also includes in his poems the legends that the Native Americans have. Also insisted that “Their chief value is that they are Indian legends.” Henry also wrote this poem because he wanted to have a white audience to know about the Indian Mythology. Also, to educate them about the Native American …show more content…
Be a hero in the stifle! Trust no future, howe’er pleasant! Let the dead Past bury its dead! Act,-- act in the living present!” Song of Hiawatha: The theme for this story is about nature, legends and traditions of Nawadaha. Nature is part of the theme in this poem because the author describes a lot of it throughout the whole poem. One example of nature in this peom is “With the rushing of great rivers, With their wild frequent repetitions”. He also talks about the forest the mountains, lakes, and the fen-lands. Then in the poem it also bring legends and traditions that the character has and thats also apart of him. Nawadaha shows these lengends and traditions by the poem telling the readers about the fen-lands. Also having songs he can sing about that involves nature.

Song of Hiawatha : The poem Song of Hiawatha is about nature. This poem shows nature through imagery. It has descriptions of the forest, meadows and rivers thats gives the readers of where the poem takes place. Also the historical time it takes place in. It shows what time period this poem is in by having fen-lands around them. This poem also involves lots of animals. One example is “ In the birds-nest of the forest, In the lodges of the

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