`` The Sole Equality On Earth `` Is Death Essay

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“The sole equality on earth, is death.” -Philip James Bailey
Caucasians and African-Americans, women and men, and in this case, Pashtuns and Hazaras. In other words, attempting to become equal is somewhat of hassle in the eyes of all beings. To demonstrate this inconvenience, we can visualize two boys from The Kite Runner; Amir and Hassan (referring to them at their younger age). Visualizing these boys throughout the start of the novel, we can analyze, what seems like, an impenetrable bond and brotherhood constructed in the vicinity of chapters one to ten. What makes their bond of such interest, is the inferiority consisting of a Hazara to a Pashtun, Amir being Pashtun and Hassan being Hazara. Historically, a Hazara person is the ethnically correct laborer or servant towards a Pashtun person and is also very much poor. Furthermore, a Pashtun person is part of the superior and wealthier group, frequently encouraging Hazaras to obey their demands. All things considered, I attained a quote that efficiently depicts the dismal reality of our world. Once again, “The sole equality on earth, is death.” Analytically, the quote exposes that death is the only equal playing field in our generation. Now, the climactic question must be of use. Could the story of the novel exist without the class difference between Amir and Hassan?
A non-existent class difference amidst Amir and Hassan would make for an electrifying plot. Contradicting the truth exposed by Rahim Khan of course, in…

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