The Slavery Of African Americans Essay

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Resisting Slavery (Essay) Resistance first starts the second a person is captured. Since the beginnings of the institution of slavery the enslaved have always tried to escape to regain their freedom. Even after generations of being enslaved African Americans have always had the desire to be free. There were many different ways that enslaved African Americans used to try to achieve freedom. Throughout the ninetieth century there were many key acts of resistance that resonated throughout the United States and shook the infrastructure of slavery. The role of resistance to slavery was very important to the enslaved African Americans of the nineteenth century. The idea of resistance brought hope to enslaved people. When hearing of a slave planning to run away or hearing of a slave revolt some slaves were reading to do anything to ensure freedom for those planning the act of resistance. Some ways slaves would help with an act of resistance is through song. While working the enslaved would sing certain songs to signal other slaves of the plan for the act of resistance or some songs would signal if there was going to be a secret meeting to discuss the act of resistance. Slaves would also help with the act of resistance by sneaking whatever materials that those committing the act of resistance would need to obtain for the act of resistance to be successful. The most important thing that a slave could do if they were not a part of the act of resistance was to be quite about what…

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