The Sky Is Low, The Clouds Are Mean By Emily Dickinson Essay

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Emily Dickinson’s poem, “The Sky is low--the Clouds are mean” is a lyrical poem that depicts nature through a non-traditional perspective. While nature in poetry is often portrayed as being beautiful, peaceful, and essentially flawless, in this poem Dickinson intends for the audience to view nature from a different perspective. The entirety of the poem follows with a sad, dull tone while describing nature on a cold, windy, and cloudy day. Dickinson is careful to emulate aspects of a cloudy day to the facets of human life including snowflakes, the wind, and Mother Nature herself. The personification utilized in Emily Dickinson’s “The Sky is low--the Clouds are mean” is essential to helping the reader understand that nature and humans are connected through their shared imperfections.
In order to fully understand Emily Dickinson’s poetry, it is imperative to look at her background as an author. Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Throughout her childhood and young adulthood, Dickinson found herself perplexed by the complexity of nature, love, and life and death. It was through these ponderings that particularly inspired her to discover more about these subjects and thus begin writing poetry. Amherst College states, “By the time Dickinson turned 35, she had composed more than 1100 concise, powerful lyrics that astutely examine pain, grief, joy, love, nature, and art” (Emily Dickinson 's Biography). However, while today she is a renowned…

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