Alzheimer's Disease And Its Effects On The Family And The Community

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Alzheimer’s Disease is a mental deterioration that usually affects the elderly but the signs and symptoms can come up in middle age. It can cause dementia and can hinder the person’s abilities of performing normal daily tasks of driving, self-care, and basic day to day duties. Many do not think that Alzheimer’s will affect them but the statistics are high. Alzheimer’s does not only effect the individual it has impacts on the family members and society. With research we take a deeper look on how Alzheimer’s is affecting more and more individuals and how it is caused, how it affects their family and the community, and how we can put a hold on Alzheimer’s nationally and globally.
Early onset of Alzheimer can start between the ages of forty
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Life goes on as the brain deteriorates, and as the patient’s health is declining family members are often left feeling stuck and abandoned if they are the main caregiver. Many symptoms such as stress, depression, and anger towards the patient are struggles caregivers face. But how will they handle their own issues while taking care of their family member? Alzheimer’s Association has given many great resources for the caregiver. It is all in how to view the options, remembering you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others is key. The first steps to take when your faced with this unfortunate life happening is to speak to your own doctor. A wonderful guide is offered online to help cope and offers skills for caring for the family member affected by Alzheimer’s (Aging, 2012). Allowing the disease to control your life is detrimental to your ability to properly care for yourself and the family member. If you’re are unable to cope properly your ability to care properly is ineffective. Remember Alzheimer’s is just the disease, not the …show more content…
London held a conference where Peter Dunlop, a medical consultant whom also lives with dementia, discussed three topics. Improving life and care for people affected by dementia, as well as the caregiver, Preventing and delaying dementia, Social adaptation to global ageing and dementia. They have determined that finding treatments that can ultimately stop the death of brain cells is the main focus on prevention. They have established a prospective achievement date by 2025. But in order for this achievement there needs to be significant increases in the funding for dementia research but also changes in the way research is conducted, pushing international collaboration and the global sharing of data. (Walton, 2016) Other way’s that we as a nation can assist in the fight against Alzheimer’s is participating in clinical trials, donating to the Alzheimer’s Association, or bringing awareness to the disease. With group involvement and motivation researchers are more capable for finding a

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