The Seine At Chatou : An Oil On Canvas Painting By French Impressionist Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The Seine at Chatou Analyzed
The Seine at Chatou is an oil on canvas painting by French impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This work is currently housed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and its museum access number is 19.771. The subject matter is a landscape scene of the Seine to the west of Paris. The painting is 73.3 x 92.4 cm in size.
Renoir’s distinctive style manifests itself in The Seine at Chatou. He does not use outlines in this painting; instead, the composition is made up of many abstracted lines in the form of brush strokes. These brushstroke lines distinguish between the piece’s components. The lines’ qualities of color and width describe the landscape’s textures and distinguish its subjects. The inherent nature of these lines is gestural, but also masterfully planned. For instance, if the viewer closely observes the person in the picture they will notice that this person is not actually remotely human. The “person” is composed of a system of abstract lines that look human from far away. The asymmetrical two-dimensional organization of the work also helps to trick the eye into perceiving this compilation of lines as a human by placing it as the subject. The eye immediately looks at the human form on the left; then it wanders right. The painting holds an unevenly balanced rule of thirds; it is segmentable into three uneven parts that progressively grow as the viewer looks left to right. Renoir also uses a balance of light and dark in his work,…

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