The Scarlet Letter : Characters And Their Actions Essay

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The Scarlet Letter introduces perplexing characters who continuously keep the reader guessing, usually about their next move. These characters include Pearl, Hester’s daughter, Mistress Hibbins and Hester Prynne. During the book, these main characters bring their own recurring sequence to the novel. The characters and their actions creates a symbolic link to the main plot of the novel.

Pearl is the second main character to our story. She is the “mistake” that Hester must have for the remainder of her life and also the love that Hester will always feel. Pearl is a very rowdy and independent person. Throughout the story she continuously wonders from her mother’s side as she finds her own path and adventure to follow. This happens many times in many different chapters. This occurs in Chapter 7, in Hester and Pearl’s visit to the Governor’s hall. Hawthorne writes; “Pearl, accordingly, ran to the bow-window, at the farther end of the hall... with some rude and immature attempt at shrubbery.” Pearl also sees herself independent enough to stay away from her mother’s side during Chapter 19. Hester meets Arthur Dimmesdale in the woods and during their time alone Hester tries her hardest to coax Pearl back to her side. “Pearl, without responding in any manner to these honey-sweet expressions, remained on the other side of the brook.” During both of the departures from her mother, Pearl has made it clear to the reader that she will always be herself. Whether she is in a very royal…

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