The Scarlet Letter By John Hawthorne Essay

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The Scarlet Letter is not just a story of Hester Prynne but it also tells the story of Roger Chillingworth, a man who enters into a town shaken by sin and lies. Chillingworth is a character who was meant to studied
Hawthorne gives Chillingworth the task of discovering and interpreting all that has happened. The only person fit for this task must want to “feed the hungry dream of knowledge”. After spending years living with Native Americans Chillingworth returns to a town where everyone is a slave to the mere idea of sin. Hawthorne needed someone whose mind is not clouded by the ideals of the town. The glasses Chillingworth wears when he first appears at the scaffold “[having] a strange, penetrating power” that allow the owner to “read the human soul” just as Chillingworth himself does to characters and situations around him. Because Chillingworth does not have the same idea of what sin is as the people in Hester’s town, he does not treat Hester with judgement when the townspeople would assume that Chillingworth should be the most judgmental of all. Being a man of knowledge, Chillingworth goes and studies the self-proclaimed worst sinner of all, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Since it is Chillingworth’s nature to observe and examines the world around him it is only natural that he will ask questions. Chillingworth questions Dimmesdale in the graveyard Chillingworth does not yet have proof that Dimmesdale has sinned so he is still genuinely asking about sin. After Pearl gives an…

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