The Scarlet Letter By Arthur Dimmesdale Essay

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Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is known throughout Boston for being a devout and honorable man. But as told in The Scarlet Letter, he struggles in his relationship with God due to sins he committed and his consequent guilt. His conflict is amplified because of the strong religious beliefs of the Puritans, who resided in Boston at the time. The Puritans didn’t believe that good deeds led to salvation; instead they thought that a person’s fate was predetermined by God and that those who were chosen to be salvaged could not commit heinous actions. These beliefs result in Dimmesdale’s turmoil over his actions as he realizes he was not meant to be salvaged. As the novel continues Dimmesdale’s pain influences his sermons, making them more passionate and impactful. His words resound within his congregation, who are unbeknownst to his sins and his inability to confess them. In The Scarlet Letter, Arthur Dimmesdale is an entrancing speaker; however, his abilities are often intentionally used maliciously, causing him to be hypocritical, manipulative, and sinful.
In his sermons and during his conversations, Dimmesdale is a hypocrite. He constantly preaches about sin, but his behavior does not conform to what he says. Kenneth Pimple says “Dimmesdale plays on the Puritan doctrine of the innate depravity of the human soul to say one thing and communicate quite another” (3) and Melissa Sturges says, “…the minister’s speeches serve as the vehicle of his hypocrisy” (4). Dimmesdale displays this…

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