The Saints And The Roughnecks Essay

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When I was reading “The Saints and the Roughnecks” by William J. Chambliss, I found it surprisingly revealing because the discrepancy between the two groups in a completely different social background suggests that the society tends to favor the upper class with brighter future rather than those are always in the darker side. However, based on the author’s observation over the two groups, (the Saints and the Roughnecks), I felt that in today’s society most of the people tend to believe the assumption of what they see is the truth without an in-depth understanding of the object.
The teachers, the police officers, and the community as a whole have labeled the Saints as the “good boys” or “smart kids” despite the fact that they are secretly breaking laws because they are rich, active in school, and are great in disguise. On the other hand, the well-known “not-so-well-dressed, not-so-well-mannered, not-so-rich” group, the Roughnecks, is marked as the “head of trouble” although their rate of delinquency was about equal with the Saints’. It is very unfair but also obvious that the Saints have more opportunities and more chances of forgiven because they know how to play the game. In “The Saints and the Roughnecks”, I was shocked that the teachers in Hanibal High School never come to realized that the Saints are playing their little tricks to escape school on a daily basic. No one ever finds out their delinquencies (wild drunk driving, stealing, speeding, etc.) because the…

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