Essay on The Rise Of Apocalyptic Literature

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an actual place of punishment, but it is clear that it is only used (even in reference to the righteous) when they are faced with some unhappy situation, which they interpret as divine judgment. Furthermore, a slight change occurred in how Sheol is presented in the prophets. There, it is often associated with prophetic judgments, punishment and suffering for the wicked. As the OT closes and we move to the NT, the term Sheol disappears, and a new term “Hell” is introduced. What had happened to Sheol will be the focus of the next section. Part II: The Development of Hell: What happened to Sheol?
The Rise of Apocalyptic Literature during Second Temple period
Apocalyptic, from the Greek word apokalupsis meaning “revelation” or disclosure is an adjective that has been used to describe both a certain type of literature and a special feature of religions in late antiquity. Thus, apocalyptic literature is a broad theological perspective that deals with visions of the future as they relate to Israel and the sovereignty of God. How those visions translate into terms of plain history, real politics and human instrumentality are elements Bauckham argued apocalyptic lacks. Apocalyptic literatures are writings that bear certain characteristics from the last two centuries and the first century A.D. The origin of apocalyptic literature can is debatable. Some argued that it began with the men from Qumran since archeological evident from Qumran showed the discovery…

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