The Richard Nixon Era, The New Jim Crow Laws, Ronald Reagan Essay

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The documentary the 13th examines the Richard Nixon era, the new Jim Crow Laws, Ronald Reagan “War on drugs”, Bill Clinton’s “three strikes you’re out” which lead to a massive incarnation in the 1990s of minorities for a long period of time. In 1989, Ronald Reagan declared a war on drugs. Crack and Cocaine were rising and the usage of the products depended on social class. Crack was an inner city drug and the majority of consumers were from Black and Hispanic communities. Those who were arrested with the drug were sentenced of life, whereas, Coke which was a suburb drug, faced less severe consequences. Black men were portrayed as “Super predators” and encountered massive discrimination during the era. Civil Right activists were often imprisoned or killed. Corporations have profited from these privatized prisons. The documentary was released in a crucial time where police brutality has become a major issue. After the Trayvon Martin Case, The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was under scrutiny due to their influence in the “Florida Stand Ground Law which allows an individual to use deadly force if they feel threatened. Prison conditions were inhuman and prisoners were doing labor for the film also touched on a controversial statement by Donald Trump, at rally “In the old days, protesters would be “carried out on stretcher”. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s illegal drug uses was becoming popular in society. It was the era of the hippies, the “love and peace”, and…

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