Essay on The Resolution Of A Story

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The resolution of a story in literature is what brings the story to a close. After the climax and some additional falling action, the resolution is when the problems are solved, the motifs are resonated, and the story draws to a conclusion. Resolution in literature is one of the most significant devices of a story, but storytelling and writings are different throughout the world, and therefore so are the devices within. In Western literature, the resolution most often means a happy ending for the characters and an implication of a bright future. These endings leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction and the knowledge that the characters they came to know throughout the book will have at least a chance at a hopeful life. Other endings, from other genres or cultures, have different varieties of ending and varying degrees of resolution, but all of them share the main principles in the definition of resolution. The final scene of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is successful in providing resolution because it concludes the ongoing exterior conflict, interior conflict, and resonates the motifs of the play. Throughout Hamlet, Hamlet’s character has had an interior struggle between reason and passion, causing him to be impotent and unable to take effective action. Coming back to Elsinore, from schooling in Wittenberg, Hamlet finds himself in an unusual family situation. His father has died, and his mother is already remarried to Old Hamlet’s brother, Claudius. Hamlet, upon finding…

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